Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gail and My Dad

Gail has been visiting Hannah in Chattanooga Tennessee for the last couple days and getting through jet lag. Today (May 16) Roy, my brother, is picking up Dad and delivering him to Gail and my Daughter. On Monday May 18th they will fly to Michigan and see my other two children and their spouses and our other six grandchildren. Dad will be getting a visa for Thailand while waiting and having a nice visit with his family members and friends who are living in Detroit suburbs. Hopefully all paperwork will be done in time for scheduled flight date, May 25th. Then Dad and Gail will fly to Bangkok and I will be picking them up there. We have some paper work in Bangkok and will return to Sawang Dandin in a day or two. Then a new chapter in our lives, "Living with Grandpa" will begin. We think it will be fun and while extra work, a blessing to our lives. Asians here choose this status as the Asian way. So we trust it will be a good testimony and Dad will have more of a part in our work here. Dad has been supporting the ministry in Thailand for the last 29 years already, so why not! We appreciate your fellowship in prayer.

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