Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Football! (What we Americans call Soccer)

With the World Cup in the news internationally and daily, once in four year event, our teens are really interested in playing football (the game we Americans call soccer). We had two team, one small kids and one big kids in a form of soccer called fusol played on a cement pad. The game is fast and actions is constant. One week before this our big team played in Nong Mek on a full size soccor field, at a friend's church there and were beaten twice. But here on home court they won handily twice. This soccer match with the Song Daaw church and it was a lot of fun. Extra special was the chance to bring in neighbor boys who normally do not attend our classes. We are trusing the Lord that we can reach our neighbor boys with the gospel through sports.

A point for our team!
Our goal is smaller but according to the fusol court regulation size. The player's skill level has to be much higher as everything moves fast in this game.

Regular tennis type shoes mean more control and fast action. The light blue Sawang Dandin Baptist Church "Wild Cats" are pressing for a goal.

Though it was sprinkling and humid, it was cool making the game fun. Even the ones who stayed to cheer on the players had a lot of fun.

Three hours of sports is pretty exhausting but Gail made a huge pot of Wanton and noodle pork Soup for the players. They finished every drop.