Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chronological Bible Study

One tool we have here is many years in preparing detailed Bible study lessons for Studying the Bible from Genesis to the life of Christ.
Here is our Friday evening Bible study group studying about the fall of man.

"Day Camp:" Almost a full month of daily classes

School break, opened a great opportunity for our team here, starting out with "Intensive English" evangelism classes using support from the new ABWE missionaries in Thailand. After our help left, the youth begged us for continued classes. This year we did not take our youth to camp, but rather discovered our new Church facility is like a "Day Camp" where children come for the day, and return home each evening.

For one thing, our program may have been the fun and most interesting thing going for the next three weeks. We did plan out lots of activities like a daily memory verse with review, Bible study, and lots of games, coloring, puzzles, and English classes. A gospel presentation is made regularly for many who have never heard the good news before -- and would never hear it if we were not here. Our new center has proven itself as a great destination for the youth here. It is a lot of work but the blessings in the lives of youth will be long lasting. Many have made decisions to follow Christ. Others are weighing the decision. We have a big job teaching and preaching. Pray for us!