Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dad and his new apartment

Dad and one of the purring kittens.

The bathroom project is almost finished. Just some painting of the pipes (water and waste pipes are all blue before they are painted to match).

Here you can see my former office. Gail has set up the bunk beds and a reading library for Dad. I installed a computer with settings for seniors (big fonts, big icons and dad's email icons, his favorite links to Internet, etc.). With air conditioning and good lighting it will be a nice place for Dad to relax and live.

Our unused Thai style bathroom was truly the only room unchanged since we rented the house originally. After purchasing and remodeling the rest of the house we used it "as is." Incidentally, Thai people seem to like using these old style bath rooms where everything in the room gets wet during a shower or after regular personal business is done. That is why they call it a "Water Closet." During the fire recovery, it was the only bathroom. We were only using the the room for storage and once in a while for a secondary Thai style bath when we had guests. To remodel the room, the original "squaty potty" and former water storage containers had to be chipped out and replaced with a new floor, shower stall, flush style western toilet, a urinal, and hand grips. What a job. But something we thought we would do when we had a chance....well we now have a chance to do the renewal and make it the bathroom for Dad.

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