Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Thailand still a remote country? Hardly

Last week Gail and I went to buy some Air Tickets for her return to pick up my Dad, w.
e stopped breifly at a brand new shopping center here called "Carerfour" (kind of like a Myers) which had a KFC, Dunkun Donuts, Dairy Queen and so on. On the way back to Sawang, we noticed another big mall going up and sure enough, a McDonalds Hamburgers is going in there too with all the other resturants. This means that not only we westerners are enjoying an occasional stop for a hamburger or KFC but a majority of Thais also like them. Who would have believed that cities in Thailand would become so much like a suburb in any American city when we arrived here 29 years ago when we first came to Thailand? But they still need people preaching the good news! No amout of western influence will provide eternal life in Jesus Christ!

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John said...

It is great to hear about the work you are doing in southeast Asia. I just started working as a teacher at Global English School in Nonthaburi, Thailand. I have a desire to serve the Lord in Laos, and someone here told me that I should contact you. Please contact me back so that I might be able to come up and help you in the work.

John Rea