Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy events in Sawang Dandin Baptist Church

My Father is one very happy man here these day.

Mr. Sutisak (or Tangmo) the first new convert of our Santisuk Baptist Church is now a High School teacher and an active church leader there.

Miss Michelle Garcia, one of the regular and faithful friends of our youth and a regularly camp counsellor who helps out in Sawang Dandin who came up special for the baptisms.

Five happy girls and and one boy from Sawang Dandin Baptist Churhc and one young man and one young lady from the Santisuk Baptist Church who followed the Lord in Baptism with Pastor Duane Harper a prayer warrior and help in our work. Three of the young ladies in Sawang Dandin starting coming upon his urging. He flew here from Wisconsin to participate in this event (much to our pleasure and surprise!). On far right is Mrs Thonbai a godly member of the Santisuk Baptist Church who has led many of the young people to the Lord over the years.

Morning worship in Sawang Dandin Baptist Church

Miss Oom recieving the broken bread in her first time after Baptism to partake in communion (our rule considering Baptism obeidence to the Lord).