Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Posters (English and Thai Version) of our Light Camp in Sawang Dandin

Light Camp is coming here in Sawang Dandin just under two weeks (October 5-7). We have called our camps "Light Camp" since the name of the District we live in means, "Land of Light." We will also be participating in another camp in just three weeks. We have lined up some volunteers to help out, including Electronic Engineer, Mike Bosley from one of our supporting Churches back in Michigan. He will be traveling from here to China where he will be working. Other help will be from Bangkok, Short termer, Miss JoyLynn Barger, and Miss Michelle Garcia a Filipino teaching in Bangkok. Perhaps other teachers will join us to help teach for the camp.

Here are our promotional posters. We are planning a combined English/Counsellor Training camp (that is English for prospects and Counsellor Training for those who want to share their faith). Please join us in prayer for the work here. The first is English. If you have trouble reading the second one, it is in Thai Language.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Children's English Classes and other Fun

One of the great opportunities in Thailand is the need to excel in English to be able to get a good education. This is one of our small groups who meet during the week for special classes. Each meeting ends with a Bible study.

As we get to know children, we try to make our Church their home as well. For example, we make birthdays special times, like this birthday for Muk one of our cute 8 year olds. Gail and I both trusted the Lord when we were 8, so we know this is an important time in these children's lives. At the center, they regularly hear the Gospel, study the Bible chronologically, sing Gospel songs, and memorize scripture.

We now have a growing group of children who like to spend free time at our home. Some have also begun piano study with Gail. Mr Sompon, a boy scout, is now a growing Christian and is learning to play the piano. Across from him is a neighbor girl, Miss Nat, one who has invited many of her friends from her school to our center to study English with us. Nat has also placed her faith in Christ. Recently she won inter-school competitions in English, giving her more "steam" to invite friends to our center where they too can study English and the Bible.