Saturday, November 24, 2007

All Classes and Meetings now at new "Center"

Snack time for our Saturday English Evangelism Class, just before Miss Kaew teaches in our new auditorium.

This is our first week for teaching children on Saturdays.
I was given a projector which was damaged in a car accident and worked poorly. But this week I fixed it just in time for the Thanksgiving program. Now that it is working like a new projector, we showed a video of creation and Christ's birth for our young kids until their parents came. On the new "projector wall" designed for this, the video not only captured the attention of the children but also the parents who came to pick them up! How the Lord has blessed and how thankful we are.
We are still building the new Youth Building and the workers are stopping for their annual rice harvest time now. Many have stopped in to see the new center and are amazed how the Lord has blessed. God has been so good to us.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving and House Warming

Miss Kaew showing her new lovely home, a place to serve God, provided by the Lord.
How the fire has been a blessing to Sawang Dandin!
November 22, traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We have lots to be thankful for this year. And we are sharing it with our friends, English students and fellow Christians here. Gail cooked up two of the largest turkeys we could find with all the trimmings, including cranberry sauce (now sold in Thailand!) and of course apple pie and pumpkin pie for desert.

This little cute girl is the niece of one of our construction workers.

Mrs. Nari and her brother, from Nong Mek church.

Miss Phat, Miss Kaew, Miss Walangkana, Miss Cheryl all joining in our Thanksgiving time here in Sawang Dandin.

Miss Cheryl sharing and blessing Miss Kaew's new house.

More cooks, make light the work and the best broth in Thailand!

This is fun and delicious

Finally, work being done on the youth building.

Ministry Progress!

These days our Sawang Danding Baptist Church team is busy in the ministry again teaching English. Here is our "Adult Evangelistic English Class" meeting twice a week studying English Conversation and Bible. Nexts is Miss Kaew, our single co-worker teaching some of the elementary school age children the Bible.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Leadership Meetings and other news

During the past month, most of the building project was done for the main building (Where our apartment is and the Church auditorium is) and the Parsonage building. We could secure the home well and were able to participate in Thailand field-wide activities during the month of November.


This is the Leadership board for the Association of Romprakhun Fundamental Baptist Churches. as well as the Thailand Association of Baptist Churches for World Evangelism (or TABWE)

(Front row) Pastor Phonsak Sukachintanakan, Chairman; Pastor Bualiang Srimukda, Vice-Chairman; Pastor Phairat Prasitnok, Treasurer; Pastor Sakchai Prathesa, Secretary; Pastor Sutorn Khama; Pastor Somchit Jaengprai; Pastor Phairat Senakhun; and Pastor Wirasak Tuchinda. (Back Row) Advisors, Rev. Charles Holms, Rev. Donald Craft, Rev. Arturo C. Inion, and Rev. Kiatisak Siripandorn.

The Association of the Romprakhun Fundamental Baptist Churches is a body made up of elected pastors (front row). and appointed advisiors (back row) for our group of more than 30 churches and gospel centers in Thailand.

This leadership same group of men have been appointed by our fellowship of churches to be the Board of Directors for the newly formed Thailand Association of Baptist Churches for World Evangelism (or TABWE), the Thailand missionary arm of the Fellowship of Romprakhun Baptist Churches, a group of churches founded by the Philippine Association of Baptists for World Evangelization.