Tuesday, June 3, 2008

August 12 Church and Property Dedication

This the Sawang Danding Baptist Church. It is comprised of three buildings: The main building with a large church auditorium space with attached kitchen and a small apartment (used by us presently) which will be classrooms and offices in the future church. Behind the church building is the youth building another roomy building with additional Bathrooms, and rooms for classrooms and /or housing for church workers. There is a storage room and garage as well. Additionally there is a two bedroom parsonage as the third building out back.
It is totally amazing to me to realize that the Lord would bless us so much in just one year space of time. Just one year ago, perhaps the most devastating thing that ever happened to us was the fire that destroyed the second story of the house we were renting. (be sure to look at "older posts" to see the whole story in the blog).

We were able to purchase the property and completely rebuild it into a wonderful Church auditorium and youth center as well as a separate parsonage building (housing Miss Kaew Petchompoo and her mother presently). Because we were building it to our "specs" we were able to build in
features that make this a excellent facility
for ministry here.

And truly we have seen the growth as we opened up for full ministry use of all our our facilities for the Thai school break, from March - Mid May.

Already many have found Christ Jesus as savior in our new buildings. God has had his hand of blessing on this place.

In just two months we hope to have a church building and property dedcation, introducing a new fellow church building to the members of the Romprakhun Fundamental Baptist Church fellowship.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A view of the Youth building and Parsonage

Off the back of the Church property is the "parsonage" building, the present home of Miss Kaew Petchompoo and her mother who is our co-worker in the work among children and women here.
Right next to the Parsonage is the Youth center, a roomy building for the youth of our church. Here there is room enough for a ping pong table, board games, extra bathrooms, two rooms used for classrooms and dorm rooms. To the right is the garage. I also have a radio tower which has a FM broadcast for Christian music and programming in Thai here.

Inside our lovely auditorium is room for many different activities involved with our outreach here including our worship services, teaching English, Bible Studies, or banquets and so on.