Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our New Youth Center Building

After finishing rebuilding our fire damaged home into the new Sawang Dandin Church (also named the Sawang Dandin Gospel Center) meeting hall, we decided at first to expand and remodel our garage into a home for our single co-worker Kaew and her mother. Those plans changed when a neighbor offered to sell us his house and property attached to our church property for a very good price. That new house became our "Parsonage" and was finished first and she moved into the "Parsonage" on Thanksgiving Day. At the same time, we were able to quit renting the separate property where our Sawang Dandin Church used to meet, moving everything to our new location. Our plans changed then for the former garage again to remodel the original garage and storage building into the pictured "Youth Center Annex." Part of the former garage parking area was made into two new bathrooms and our "Computer Room" for the future installation of student computers for our English Students.

The main room was expanded and support posts were removed making it a large open area for teaching, games, and indoor sports. That project has taken a few more months to finish, but was finished just in time for our Valentines Banquet and party here. Here are some pictures of the new completed "Youth Center."

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