Saturday, February 2, 2008

Miss Keaw Phetchompu, single church planting assistant.

Our regular children's classes Bible School teacher is Miss Kaew. Kaew and her mother are from a country village about 125 miles from Sawang Dandin and she is a speaker of the local dialect, "Isan." She is single (at least presently, but has a suitor). She was saved in English Evangelism ministry in Bangkok while working in the garment production industry. We met Miss Kaew while in Bible school as a second year student. We sensed her burden for her people then and invited her to join us and she has been a help here for three years now. Kaew's mother, Mrs. Samon was saved but really never grew much in the Lord until she moved in with her daughter. Here Mrs. Samon helps keeping the grounds clean and lives with her daughter. She loves gardening and saves Kaew and her mother a lot of money. Miss Kaew is supported from two monthly gifts from individuals in USA and offerings from our church center. This is a picture of Miss Kaew teaching here-- our numbers were down a bit because of a week of rain and cool weather,

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