Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a way to spend a summer vacation

A number of months ago my younger brother, Roy, proposed to me hosting my niece and nephew, David and Louretta Landon, MKs in College, for their summer break here in Thailand, giving them another perspective of missions from an Asian perspective. They came at a time when we needed them most. Here they are sorting through the rubble from the dismantling of the house. Their energy and enthusiasm is amazing – and we have accomplished a lot since they have come.
Last night they joined us to attend the funeral of a friend in town. At the meal table was a college age girl about the same age as David and Louretta Landon. This pretty young Thai lady is starting college in a few weeks, and was attending the funeral with her mom and younger sister. As they talked they were able to compare notes about their favorite soccer teams, books and other things in young people’s lives. Perhaps this may open the door for sharing the gospel with them as well. It was great fun as they tried to use English, and needed some help with translation where they got stuck on words.

Pray for David and Louretta too as they did not expect this summer to be a summer of work. God know what we needed and arranged all this long before we knew anything about his plan.


Naomi said...

Thanks for sharing your news, Dad! Hi to Dave and Louretta! Glad that they are there to be a help and encouragement to you!

hrr said...

I only just heard tonight about your fire. Wow! God does provide, doesn't he? I'm not sure many people in the US would have neighbors who emptied their house and stood guard like that. :-)

Congratulations on all the help you have had so far, and keep your chin up on the long road ahead. God will surely be with you.

- Heidi and Mark