Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day Nineteen - Tree removal

Today, May 23, 2007 is the 19th day after the fire. We have been carrying on our ministry and God has proven himself a loving guide and help to us through these days.
We are pressing forward re-building with funds for a short term emergency loan through a fellow missionary here.
As our rebuilding continues, we are doing the first things first: We have cleared all of the burnt rubble, cleared two large trees which needed to be removed before rebuilding.
We have the foundation poles delivered and they are here and ready for the cement foundation of the house to begin. We have done rough estimates of the redoing the structure of the house and that alone is going to be at least three to four thousand dollars.
We praise the Lord for cool evenings and even a few light sprinkles making sleeping in the “Honeymoon Cottage” comfortable. We have a full schedule so we sleep like logs.
Gail is a gifted woman and has made our situation home. She is such a blessing.
Thank you all who pray for the ministry here.

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