Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Day 9 since the fire

Though we have assured our landlord that we are going to try to rebuild the house to the original size and quality of the house, he has offered us the chance to buy the house. Perhaps he feels as one friend suggested that the house is unlucky since he was living here years ago when his daughter died in a fishing accident. They have not lived here since and we have rented the house now for four years.

He proposed that we pay him 5000 dollars as a downpayment (done in the form of a legally binding contract) and the remaining 17,000 due in 2 years.

This of course would be in addition to the cost we need to raise to repair the house. But in a sense, we would have then a rent free house, built to our specifications.

The property is on a hill in a quiet area with a paved road, has a deep well, fruit trees a cement garage/storage building 20 x 30 feet (where we are living temporarily). The house was two stories with wood upstairs but after restoration will be one story all cement building about 40 feet by 40 feet square plus a porch and 20 by 17 foot kitchen. About 2000 square feet of living space.

Gail and I have really enjoyed the location since we first moved here four years ago as renters and would like to stay here in the future as we continue our work in church planting.

At this stage it is only a though or dream. Lots of things must come into place first before we could own this.

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