Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Air Horn

I will tell you about a funny story that happened yesterday while dropping kids off after Sunday school.

One of the narrow village lanes in one of the villages where we have some kids off the main road where I pick up and drop off a sixth grader and a fourth grader off, is always cluttered with bicycles and motorcycles and recently a car (over New Years) parked just so it is hard to drive through.

Thais as you know are kind of lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff and kind of clutter unused lanes and streets rather than park in the empty nearby yard. Besides there is plenty of shade on the road another priorty in the hot tropics. Well, each week I have had to tap my horn "beep-beep" to get passage. And they take there time coming out and moving the respective motorcycles and bicycles.

Until yesterday...I simply tapped my horn lightly hoping to get passage and the relay for the air horns went into locked on. And was it really loud and would not stop. I desperately tried a dozen things to get rid of the offending horn blast. At the same time, I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were scrambling. I pulled a few fuses and nothing worked. Finally I had to get down on the ground laying on my back and unplug the power from the compressor that supplies the air to the horn. My ears were ringing when this whole operation was finished and then I saw the road. Not one bicycle, motorcycle in sight....the car even moved closer to the curb.

And everyone was standing rather stiffly, "stunned" I guess, wide eyes, observing me as I now quietly rolled away down the now easy to drive on lane.I wonder what will happen next week....and I am sure they are too.

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