Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Air horn is fixed and pouring Cement!

Just in case you are wondering, one of our church members, Matt, has a new Auto-Electric shop in our town and fixed the offending horn from the last blog for me the next day. About a month ago he also fixed my alternator which had worn brushes and no longer generated electric power.

It is nice to have Matt around for these things. And he is very inexpensive too.

We are pouring the concrete for our open air sports area this week. This is exciting for all of us. Yesterday we have 4 men putting in the forms and doing final leveling the ground. We are making the basketball court about 20 percent smaller than official size, at least now since we decided not to cut down the big tree which provides sun shade and a guava tree. And besides this is the tropics, it is good to have a bit shorter court. If perhaps we did decide to go bigger in the future there is lots of room for that on the same spot necessitating removing the trees. As of this post we are 1/3 done.

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