Friday, June 1, 2007

Four weeks later

Today I sent our first "Prayer Letter" about the fire on May 4th that has without a doubt changed our lives for a long, long time. There are many possibilities opening up to us since the fire. One which is interesting is the possibility of buying the property for church property. As we rebuild, we can see how we can make this the location of Sawang Dandin Baptist Church.
Presently we rent a smaller piece of property on the main road. It is very visible on the main road through town, which has been an enhancement to the ministry – but there are many problems with this rental property. It would be extremely expensive to buy and make a church, perhaps 100,000 dollars. To improve the lot where we rent for our church to make it less prone to flood during rainy season would mean tearing down everything and rebuilding after filling the land since it is the lowest property in the area now. Again this would be quite expensive.
The advantages of buying and making this property where the fire took place the future Church property are many. One, it is on a hill and will never flood. Second, it is a one half acre lot with lots of room for parking and future expansion. And because we are building now, we are building it so it will accommodate church meetings, classes and such. This property has an advantage of being in a quiet area, but on a paved road. We need to raise only 20,000 dollars to purchase this property

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