Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to give to help the Crafts

Because we were renting and there was no insurance, we are obligated to offer to repair the damage ourselves to avoid a lawsuit and other fines. Recently, my Brother Roy, offered to loan us the money to purchase the property for church property here. The former rental home is being built to accomodate our Sawang Dandin Baptist Church center (we rent another property now).

We did not have funds of our own for this, but a number of individuals and churches have offered to help. We are continuing to work in our ministry in spite of the difficulties.

For those who desire to give a gift through our mission for us, ABWE mission has set up a special account for to raise funds needed for the project of “House Fire Recovery”:

The purpose of this account is as follows:
To settle damages as renters with Don and Gail Craft's landlord (Necessary to avoid a lawsuit). To remove damaged parts of the house and rebuild the home. This includes, labor, building materials, and supplies. To purchase things that were destroyed in the house fire, such as clothing, Gail’s computer, other equipment and furniture.

Tax deductible gifts for those wishing to help Don and Gail Craft, ABWE missionaries to Thailand, can be sent via regular mail to the following address

ABWE, Inc.
PO Box 8585
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585

Include a note, for “House Fire Recovery” account of Don and Gail Craft. To speed things in processing, you should include this account number "013035".

Or if you have Internet you may give via the www.abwe.org website as follows:

Or you can give by telephone:
Calls should go to Alice Harpster at (717) 703-3484.
If she is not available, you may leave a message.

Tell her you would like to give to Don and Gail Craft Fire Recovery fund and use this account number: 013035

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Rick and Lisa Caynor said...

Hi Crafts,

We are praying for you regarding the house fire, clean up, and repairs. I wish we were there to help! May God use this to expand your ministry opportunities and influence. Lord willing we will see you in August. We love you...

Rick and Lisa