Saturday, May 1, 2010

2010 Missions Conference first day

During the afternoon session, Pastor Soontorn told about the formation and registation of the TABWE mission as a legal entity for missionary work under the Thai Department of Religious Affairs, paving the way for recognized status as TABWE missionaries open new countries for Thai missionaries.

Our mission Board showing faces of Cambodia and the Cambodia flag and a map.

Challenging music and messages make a missions conference.

Our evening time was a special informal time where Pastor Soontorn and Nat and their two children shared in an informal setting about their conversion, call and minstry. It was very interesting and was a time for interaction with our missionaries.

A number of youth raised there hand to show a desire to give their lives to the Lord. Pray with us for them.

Final prepartions for the morning meeting included our teen boys preparing their special music one more time. Then a time honoring the Thai flag and the opening of the Mission Conference.

A number of challenging songs such as "Send the Light, the Blessed Gospel Light" in Thai.

Leading up to the conference, the youth helped set up and decorate including the Poster Board featuring the mission field of Cambodia.

Missions conference poster.

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