Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bowling with Grandpa and the teens

Short term missionary, Miss Liz Stevens, met us at camp and we enjoyed her sweet attitude for another few days and heard of the love and zeal for our young people. So here is a photo of her ad hoc fan club (one of many I am sure!) from the Sawang Dandin bunch. This is in front of the Coral Resturant where we had a lovely seafood dinner before heading home to Sakon Nakhon.

Girls always take opportunity to make a publicity spot photo-- here they are at the bowling alley with Miss Liz.

And of course where Ronald is there is always a smile.

10 teens went to send Liz off to the bus and we had some time and went bowling. Here is Oah trying to get a spare.

When Dad went bowling with us, he did not have his old bowling arm in fact he sort of dropped them **BOOM** trying to send the ball off.

Well, Dad managed to get a couple bowling balls down the alley but the third went so slow it finally stopped half way and the managment had to go and retieve the bowling ball. So we used a handicap bowling helper and it really made it a lot of fun. For Dad it ended up a great day of fun. And Dad's score was not half bad with his handicap...ha!

Bowling is easy on the "kids lane" where they have gutter rails...why haven't they had those when I was a kid!

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