Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day two Camp in Sawang Dandin

Don translating Candice's testimony. In classes we taught about knowing God yesterday and had a special personal Testimony from American Volenteer Candice Christiansen. Her testimony about growing up in a environment which was hostile to Christianity was good for our youth who many are facing pressures from friends, family, school teachers not to become Christians
Game time in the sports area.

How we did not get any skinned knees, I do not know but the kids were having the time of their lives!

Having fun playing UNO with volenteer Miss Kristian Caynor (MK)

Miss Leza Morgan with her
upper Elementary age group at the ping pong table in youth building.

Mrs (now married!) Kaew Patangnang and her junior age kids with helper Miss Ning.

More game time and sports.

Running through the"Trees" game.

Prayertime with Tangmo.

Gail tells me that we have 45 campers today.

It has been a good week for camp with cool weather and overcast sky making outdoor activites good.

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