Friday, July 27, 2007

55 years -- Don's Birthday

Happy Birthday!

After a special meal prepared by my Niece, Louretta, the lights went out for a birthday special cake! Here I am "making a wish" and getting ready to blow out two sets of 5 candles. We had some of our church members over a lovely meal and one of the first of many good times in our new chuch center.

While there is still a lot of work to do to finish our new Church/Office/Home center, we are happy to report that we are making regular progress almost daily (we do not allow our workers to come on Sundays). Yesterday was Don's Birthday Party in the "Great Room" as Gail calls it. This room will be our new auditorium, seating about 75 -100 people.

Our old "living room" from the downstairs has been converted to be our living quarters which will be our bedroom, bathroom, and Gail's office. The workers have these rooms almost finished. Drop ceilings were hung and the walls and floor of the bathroom were finished. My office (temporary bedroom) and our kitchen will be next to be remodeled. Our guest room has been plastered and the outside entrance has been finished off.

A large hardwood tree was sawed into planks which will make pews, a pulpit and other furnature for the new center.

What's left? Well, our electrical, lights, plumbing, auditorium floors and the plastering of the walls of our auditorium. That is perhaps a month of work.

Please pray with us for remaining funds and stamina through the continual rebuilding.

Pray for the outreach of our church -- God has given us many opportunites to share Christ through out these days of hard work and recovery from our May 4th fire.

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Joshua said...

Dad, you told me in the begining of all this that you wish you could see the end from the beginning. Well, now the end is in sight, and what a blessing. The Lord works in marvelous ways...